Wrens Baptist Church
everyday people doing life together

Connect to Jesus

We want people to have a connection with Jesus. We want people to connect with one another in fellowship through worship and study of God's Word.

What Should I Expect?

To be greeted by someone when you enter the door.
If you would like coffee we have a coffee bar in our North Lobby.

If you have children, we have people to help you find your child’s class and get them signed in.

As for worship, we have a multi-generational song service with an emphasis on the preaching of the Word.

What Do I Wear?

Come as you are. We have all kinds of dress every Sunday. Some wear shorts and a shirt others wear business causal and some wear suits. We care more about you than your clothes.

Grow In Jesus

We desire each person who enters the doors of Wrens Baptist Church to have the opportunity to love God more and love others more when they leave. Our calling is to further the depth of those around to know Jesus and live like Him.

We have a many ways to accomplish this desire:

Sunday Morning Bible Study
RA and GA’s
Wednesday Night Bible Study

Grow In Fellowship

The local church is a gathering of people committed to the same Lord and Savior Jesus. He is the common bond of unity. We welcome everyone from diverse settings of life and backgrounds. As we grow together in our pursuit of Christ-likeness we draw to one another in fellowship.

If you want to have a community of believers who can encourage, help and shape your life, Wrens Baptist is where you want to be. But we also need your gifts, talents and presence to grow as well.

Serve Jesus

Each person has the opportunity to serve in worship. Your presence at church and your life as worship are the responsibility of every person. But there are ministry opportunities for specific aspects of worship. Contact Pastor Sean for more information.

Serve in Discipleship

Crucial to the Great Commission is to “,,,make disciples…” We at Wrens Baptist take this command seriously. We have opportunities to serve to in discipleship ministries. Contact Pastor Carson for more information.

Serve in Evangelism

We have a message that we cannot keep to ourselves. IT IS GOOD NEWS! If you would like to be in involved with evangelism both near and far let us know. We have various ministries ready for you to get involved in. Contact Pastor David for more information.

Serve in Community

We called to be a light house in our community. This is our home and mission field. God has given us an opportunity to show our friends and community that God loves them and cares for their needs both spiritual and physical. Contact our office for more information.