How to Help Houston Flood Victims

What you can do.

  1. Pray for them
  2. You can donate to DR efforts by clicking on the link below. Or Wrens Baptist Church will take up a Love Offering through the office. All proceeds will be used to help disaster victims.
  3. You can assemble and collect Buckets of Care.  Then drop them off at the church by September 10th. Information is located at, or click bucket ingredients and mud out instructions for PDF files or click the link below.

Serve In Worship

Each person has the opportunity to serve in worship. Your presence at church and your life as worship are the responsibility of every person. But there are ministry opportunities for specific aspects of worship. Contact Pastor Sean for more information.

Serve in Discipleship

Crucial to the Great Commission is to “,,,make disciples…” We at Wrens Baptist take this command seriously. We have opportunities to serve to in discipleship ministries. Contact Pastor Carson for more information.

Serve in Evangelism

We have a message that we cannot keep to ourselves. IT IS GOOD NEWS! If you would like to be in involved with evangelism both near and far let us know. We have various ministries ready for you to get involved in. Contact Pastor David for more information.

Serve the Community

We called to be a light house in our community. This is our home and mission field. God has given us an opportunity to show our friends and community that God loves them and cares for their needs both spiritual and physical. Contact our office for more information.

Oppurtunities to Serve

  • Life Connection Outreach
  • Baptist Men
  • WMU
  • Missions
  • Local Mission Projects
  • Choir/Praise Band

  • Mission Trips
  • Be involved with ministries within the church
  • Life Connection Outreach
  • Worship Ministries
  • RA’S and GA’s
  • VBS
  • Family Mission Projects

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